• 「アトランティスの伝説」by 日本ダマヌール 10月3日 in名古屋

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  • 神人さんの5時間ライブ

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  • 高坂和導の恩師・米村喜男衛先生

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    The late Wado Kosaka was born in Aomori Prefecture in Japan in 1947. After being educated at Hokkaido University, he was engaged in the research of universal archeology. Twenty years ago, he caused a sensation when he made contact with a UFO on a television program. He edited “Kamiyo no Bangoku shi” [lit: “The History of All Nations in the Divine Era”] and was involved in the publication of “Nihon no Shinso” [lit: “The True Aspect of Japan”].


    In 1996, he was awarded ‘JLNA Bronze Special Award’ (a Japanese award for dedicated journalists) in recognition of his work on the Takenouchi Documents. In 1997, he was awarded a PhD degree in Biomedical Science from Pacific Western University in the USA. His activities are aimed at helping the world to communicate with a spiritual civilization and restoring the universe. He is vigorously carrying out research and lectures on the search for world peace and the way of living in this universal age.


    He is also the author of: “Uchujin no Nazo” [lit: “The Mystery of Space Beings”] (Published by Rippu Shobo), “The Takenouchi Documents I” (published by Tokuma Shoten), “The Takenouchi Documents II” (published by Tokuma Shoten), “The Takenouchi Documents III – Exploring Ancient America” (published by Tokuma Shoten) and “Ishade Damenara” [lit: “Doctors are No More Good” (published by Meisou Shuppan).


    Wado Kosaka passed away in November 2002 at the age of 54