Revival of Divine theocracy is the key to the actualization of 'the Age of Miroku'


The seal has finally been broken to reveal the history of the earth which was once ruled by the Sumera-Mikoto Book I was the result of 24 years of research on the Takenouchi Documents and it received a far better response than I expected. Book II is now being published. It is an unexpected joy because I spent half a century of research on ultra ancient history. The time of heaven has come! It is now the age where the Takenouchi Documents are truly needed. They are the precious assets for Japanese, as well as all mankind.


In Book I, I advocated that people should study the Takenouchi Documents in search for a solution to the deadlock of modern civilization, which will lead humankind to true happiness. Inside the history of the rise and fall of ultra ancient civilization, the clue to how to change the direction of our future civilization has been hidden. The truth of the Takenouchi Documents has been disclosed to the public in accordance with the Divine Plan as we are now in an age where everyone feels a future crisis is looming.


This book tells you of the future revival of theocracy in more detail, which is the wish of gods. Prior to this, I will briefly explain to new readers the whole picture of the Takenouchi Documents. Numerous ancient documents and sacred treasures are currently preserved at the Koso Kitai Jingu shrine in Ibaragi City , Ibaragi Prefecture in Japan, which is under the protection of the Takenouchi family. The head of the family is the Chief Priest of the shrine. The general term for these documents and treasures are the "Takenouchi Documents". The documents contain the historical records of the Divine era (Tenjin era, or Tenjiin era) and the lineage of gods which go far deeper than the Kojiki in quantity and quality. The history vividly describes regimes, culture and Divine characters (ancient Japanese characters which pre-exited Kanji) in four different periods; the Tenjin (Heavenly-God) era covering seven generations, the Joko coveringera covering 25 generations, the Fukiaezu dynasty covering 73 generations and the Kanyamato dynasty which follows the Fukiaezu dynasty, and continues until the present Ten-no.


The date in which the original documents were written is still unknown. However, the first period subject to historical research is around the late 5th century A.D. when Hegurino Matori, a descendant of Takenouchi Sukune, revised the documents mixing both Kanji and Kana (modern Japanese writing) characters. This occurred 200 years before the Kojiki, which is believed to be Japan 's oldest document. The Takenouchi Documents contain historical records which overturn our common understanding. The ancestors of the Sumera family came to the earth from a higher dimension on board the Ameno-ukifune (a kind of a space ship). The world government was located in Japan and the Sumera family unified the world. Civilization originated in ancient Japan, the descendants of the Sumera family were then dispatched throughout the world from ancient Japan and races of five different skin colour (the five-coloured races) emerged from this family. Descendents of the five-coloured races include holy masters such as Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Shakamuni Buddha, Confucius and Lao Tzu, who visited ancient Japan for study and spiritual training.


Sacred treasures handed down by the Takenouchi family, along with ancient documents, are unlike other sacred treasures of the world. Important sacred treasures include the sword and mirror made of Hihiir-kane, a mysterious composite believed to have been brought to the earth from outer space, 72 units of moulded inscribed images of gods prior to Jinmu Ten-no, the rock on which the Ten Commandments of Moses, a prophet of ancient Israel, were written, and the moulded and inscribed images of the parents of Jesus Christ. Why were these valuable historical records handed down by the Koso Kotai Jingu shrine as its treasure, without being included in the history of the world? It was because the shrine was the centre of the regime and the Sumera-Mikoto where the chief priests of the shrine. However, as time passed, kings of other nations began to attain greater power while the power of the Sumera-Mikoto gradually diminished. Along with the emergence of the new power, true world history was revised.


To preserve the true history of the world, the Sumera-Mikoto entrusted the documents to the Koso Kotai Jingu shrine, which was located in Toyama Prefecture in those days. The Takenouchi family received these documents and has been secretly preserving and protecting the documents at the cost of their lives, believing that they are 'to be returned to the Sumera family when the right time comes.'


It was the 66th generation of the Chief Priest of the Koso Kotai Jingu shrine, Takenouchi Kiyomaro, who released the documents to the public. Kiyomaro transferred the ailing Koso Kotai Jingu shrine from Toyama to Ibaragi Prefecture , and revived the shrine under the religious name of Amatsu-kyo (Amatsun religion). The core of the teaching of the Amatsu-kyo was secretly preserved in the Takenouchi Documents, which were then released to the public.


However, the religion was prosecuted in 1936 for lese majesty towards the Sumera family (present Imperial family) and the Shinto shrines, because the contents of these documents were very different from the records of the Kojiki. After a nine-year trial, the Amatsu-kyo was declared not guilty. However, at that time, large volumes of the documents were seized by the Supreme Court, and they were destroyed by fire during the Tokyo air raids of World War II. This was very unfortunate and regrettable. As a result, the original version of the Takenouchi Documents perished. Only the parts of the documents which Kiyomaro conscientiously copied are available. On the other hand, not all sacred treasures were seized by the Court, so some sacred treasures, which are still preserved at the Koso Kotai Jingu shrine, have not yet been seen by the people.


Revival of theocracy by leaders with the heart of God


In Book I, I introduced an ultra ancient civilization with the aim to break through the common historical understanding of readers. I praise myself that I have achieved the aim to a certain degree. Book II analyzes the Takenouchi Documents from a different angle, i.e. the documents describing the authentic history (lineage) of the Sumera-Mikoto (Ten-no).


The Sumera-Mikoto is the manifestation of gods in the Divine realm that descended onto the earth in the flesh in order to rule the new planet called the 'earth.' I am not suggesting this from the point of view of political ideology. I am fully aware that this might fall into the error of the past that made a direct link between the Ten-no system as well as self-righteous democracy, and fascism. When we pursue the truth of the ultra ancient civilization, it becomes an undeniable fact that the Sumera-Mikoto were the leaders of a world government. God takes charge of order. The Sumera-Mikoto played the role of unifying the earth by receiving the vibration of God and reflecting law and order of the universe on earth.


The Sumera-Mikoto is not meant to be the supreme power of fascism. The Sumera-Mikoto played the role of a pivot in order to maintain balance in the human world, just like the sun around which the four seasons on the earth as well as the ecosystem revolve.


According to the Takenouchi Documents, in those days, a peaceful orderly civilization existed where advanced science and technology were in harmony with the providence of Nature and no conflicts occurred. However, kings of other nations appointed by the Sumera-Mikoto gained power, ignored harmony and the order of the world. The world government began to crack and the power of the Sumera-Mikoto diminished. Finally, the world government entirely collapsed and the Sumera-Mikoto were dislodged from power and world history was rewritten by influential people. The nature of civilization changed and life fell into a vicious cycle where humans and earth attempted collective suicide.


Humans could not possibly believe that our current civilization meets the expectation of God's will. So, what is God's expectation for humans? It is the revival of theocracy where the entire world is governed by individual souls directly linked to God. The system which will bring true peace is an administration of the world based on Divine law and order that reflects Divine will on earth through a ruler who is not influenced by military and political power.


True peace cannot be achieved by humans alone. It is through the manifestation of the will of God, which is to maintain the order of Great Nature; the Sumera-Mikoto will be able to lead people to happiness for the first time. For that purpose, the person assuming the role of administrator must be chosen by God.


Why was the Sumera-Mikoto regime not a perfect regime in the early period during the birth of the earth? What are the key principles for successfully creating a civilization which can once again reflect Divine will? The answers to that question will become clearer as you read this book.


Japan 's well-known spirit medium Ideguchi predicted the coming of 'the Age of Miroku' as planned by God. Following his prediction, Okamoto Tenmei has showed us a specific approach toward 'the Age of Miroku' through the Hitsuki Shinji (Sun-Moon revelation). At present, the Takenouchi Documents have given us a glimpse of 'the Age of Miroku' which once existed during ultra ancient times. In other words, the Takenouchi Documents are a sketch of the imperfect state of the Age of Miroku of the past, where the gods prepared a guidepost for us for achieving a perfect future Age of Miroku.


This year of 1995 has been experiencing major events and disasters such as the Great Hanshin earthquake; the Om Sarin incident; the collapse of a department store in South Korea ; great floods in India ; and a great earthquake in Sakhalin ; all of which suggest the peak of the reconstruction of modern civilization. God has said that everything will turn into a sea of mud if humans do not repent. In fact, the Takenouchi Documents clearly state that many civilizations were engulfed in the past by a sea of mud caused by earthquakes and floods because people did not listen to the warnings from God.


We may be given only a little time. We have to act swiftly to avoid worse situations and transform our current civilization into 'the Age of Miroku' where God and humans are united as one with the will of God and all corners of the world are filled with love and harmony. I believe that the will of God is to never abandon us because God has provided us with a guidepost, the Takenouchi Documents. Humans must correct the human path in accordance with Divine guidance without fail.


With such a prayer and strong conviction, I have authored this book. There is no greater joy for me if this book results in the revival of a theocracy which reflects the will of God and helps to resolve the misunderstanding surrounding the essence of the Sumera-Mikoto.